Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22, 2009 - The day PEETY learned "paw" and met a cat!

I still don't know if I like snow. Its too cold on my feet. I did my business and we went back inside. Erin and I practiced "paw" a whole bunch of times. At first, it was just me sitting and her picking up my paw, but then I GOT IT! She said "paw?" and I gave it to her and I got extra treats! Pretty easy if you ask me! She tried to take pictures of me giving "paw", but she said it was pretty tricky.

So then, we sat down and relaxed for a while. Then I got to meet the cats at the shelter! I was really, really interested in them, especially the ones that made noise. I wasn't agressive at all, just interested. I could probably live with laid back kitties as long as we have a slow introduction.

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