Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday, January 10 - Peety is available for adoption and can go home TODAY!

Over the weekend, I was neutered by the shelter vet staff. This means that when someone comes to adopt me, they don't have to wait a couple days for me to have my surgery and that I can go home with them THAT DAY!

Yesterday, Erin and I worked on our commands. Mostly "lay down" and "stay". We also went for a long walk and I barely pulled at all. I've decided that I don't like staying outside for that long. Its too cold and I start to shiver. Its probably because I need some meat on my bones. I met a couple dogs who were outside playing in the pens, we smelled noses. I wanted so badly to play with them, but we had to go back inside. We practiced more "lay down", which I was way happier doing in doors.

Another week has gone by and I'm still here. Erin gives me a treat every time she walks by my kennel. I think she feels bad for me. Yesterday I got a peanut butter kong and a handful of milkbones!

ACCT is open for adoptions 12-5pm today. Come meet me!
111 W. Hunting Park Ave.

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