Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday, January 17 - Please Save PEETY!

Its mid-January, meaning I've been in the shelter for four and a half months now. Its cold, loud, uncomfortable and there are other dogs constantly barking around me. They all sound as scared and lost as I do. I haven't lost hope yet, but I hope someone comes to take me home soon. I need someone patient, someone who will be willing to work on housebreaking with me. I came to the shelter as a stray; who knows if I have ever even lived in a home before! I would greatly benefit from foster care, someone who will temporarily open their home for me and show me the ropes!

Today, since it was rainy and cold outside Erin and I reviewed our commands and she taught me a couple new! Of course, we worked on "sit", "paw", and "stay", but we also worked on "here", "touch" and "leave it"! I'm so smart.

Interested in fostering or adopting me? Please contact my pen pal, Erin at I'm located at the ACCT shelter (111 W. Hunting Park Ave. Philadelphia, PA).

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