Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday, March 7 - A Beautiful Day at ACCT!

The weather was so nice this weekend! Erin came in on Sunday and we spent some time out in the yard. We went for a walk around the shelter grounds. I pulled a lot so she said this week we will start working with a Gentle Leader so I can learn to walk nicely.

After that, we just hung out in an outside run. There were about 6 tennis balls so Erin and I practiced what she called "trade". The idea behind it was that if I dropped the ball I was currently playing with, she would give me another one. I don't think the second ball was any better than the first, but I was interested so I played along. She had me sit, give her paw, then said "trade" and gave me a new ball to play with. I still need to learn to take things nicely though. We did this for about a half hour. She said we will eventually work on "drop it" and "leave it".

After that, we just sat around and enjoyed the weather. It was nice to just relax and be able to lay in the sun! See:

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