Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday, March 3 - Eddie Learns "Down"!

Today, Erin came and woke me up from a nap again. We went outside so I could do my business, then went right back inside because it was raining. Erin taught me something new today! "Down"! It wasn't that hard, I don't think. She made me sit, then brought the treat to the ground and slowly pulled it away from me, and I just did it! She was happy so that made me happy! We did it a bunch more times, sometimes I forgot to put my butt down, but she let it slide.


Erin found a whole box of tennis balls! WIN! She gave me one, then another, then another and before I knew it I had way too many and I wasn't sure which to play with! I picked my favorite, laid down and chewed on it. I had to switch it up a couple times though.

After playing for a solid hour, I was pooped. Erin got me a frozen treat for my kennel and we called it a night! P.S. We figured out I probably shouldn't live with cats because I will chase them way too much. Ideally, I should be an only pet but could probably live with a laid back female dog who won't mind me NOT sharing toys with her. ;-)

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